Rising Stars Cast Info

Everyone is assigned to a rehearsal with the band on Friday, either 3-4:30 or 4:30-6. Once you have rehearsed you may leave and return to TBB at 7:30.

Friday 3-4:30 at TBB with band

Erin Belger

Tzintli Cerda

Hannah Connors

Helena Cornwell

Madi Cron

Devin Curley

Devin DeAngelis

Aida DiChiara

Julian DiChiara

Ameline Eastman

Phoebe Eastman

Dora Ebbeling

John Fitzhenry

Anya Fox

Angelina Willey

Madigan Wirkus

Michael Wirkus


Friday 4:30-6 at TBB with Band

Kelsey Breslin

Hayley Driscoll

Baree Frigon

Sami Goldman

Hailey Hulbig

Katherine LeBlanc

Dillon Lightbody

Ava Manfredi

Tatiana McAlpine

Audrey Miningham

Hailey Morin

Hannah Rezendes

Maddie Rezendes

Abby Trombert

Johanna Whitney

Caroline Wilkins