Humbug Cast Info

Congratulations to the cast of HUMBUG! 

*Ticketed Dress Rehearsal tickets can be purchased by clicking this link!


Special Ensembles Costuming



Please email if you are available to help supervise backstage for either Humbug! performance. 

Electric Youth will sell snacks in the lobby as of Thursday night (12/14). They will also sell pizza and snacks backstage as of Friday night (12/15).

Send your favorite performer STAR MAIL!

Send your star a personal, hand-delivered message backstage for $1.00

Star Mail is available for purchase in the front lobby before each show and during intermission.  You also can purchase at the FSPA Front Office NOW as well as in the lobby during Thursday and Friday dress rehearsals. 

Performers will be thrilled when they get your message of support and encouragement.

Star Mail is a wonderful way you can help support the Franklin Performing Arts Company in bringing superior performance opportunities to our families and quality entertainment to our audiences.

Please follow this link to help host the orchestra with snacks and dinners during production week and weekend.



Thursday, December 7 at FSPA

6-7 Trio


Saturday, December 9 at FSPA!!!

9:30-11 Percussion (Hannah, Emmett, Devin D, Matthew, Ashley, Julian, Kayla H,

Liam, Mason)

10am Load-in at Lincoln Street for volunteers

12-12:30 Chain

12:30-1:15 Orphans (including Orphan Director/Scrooge/Fan)

1:15-2 Thriller




12noon-12:30 Chain

12:30-1:15 Set  Changes- Amy Pepin, Lindsey Hartman, Jason DiMatteo, Hannah Connors, John Fitzhenry, Emmett EAstman, Devin Curley, Liam Nolan-Hayun, and Adam and DJ, if available))

1:15-1:45 Young Scrooge, Belle, Young Marley, Trio, Scrooge

1:45-2:30 Opening/Bunny/Plenty/World/Hate People/Trash Can Singers/Fannie/Freddy/Frederique/Trio/Scrooge/Cmas Shoes Girl

2:30-3 December/Orphans  (including Orphan Director/Scrooge/Fan)

3-3:30 Finale (entire cast EXCEPT Chain)

3:30-4:30 Disco/Thank You/Mirror to end of show (dialogue with Scrooge, Badger, Freddy, Fanny, Frederique, Cratchits, Cmas Shoes Girl)

4:30 Cratchits

5pm 96000/Nowhere including party scene

5:30-6 Tap/Thieves


Production Week of Monday, December 11 

Please click on Production Week Memo for detailed instructions and schedule!

Production Week Schedule and Memo




Production Requirements