Culinary Cabaret 2020 Update

We are sorry to announce the cancellation of Culinary Cabaret 2020 at THE BLACK BOX. This event serves as an annual fundraiser in support of Electric Youth’s European Concert Tour. Unfortunately, the tour has been cancelled due to the pandemic. We look forward to next year and encourage you, in the meantime, to support our Culinary Cabaret Restaurant Partners in hopes that they will be ready to join us for this special collaborative event in 2021.

The Coronavirus crisis has created a daunting scenario for the future of THE BLACK BOX and the Franklin Performing Arts Company (FPAC). As more information becomes available to us, we will begin to plan for the reopening of our venue. The challenges of getting back in business need to be met with successful fundraising, sponsorships for the new season, and the generosity of our donors and patrons. 

Please consider donating your Culinary Cabaret ticket in support of the Franklin Performing Arts Company and THE BLACK BOX.  If you are unable to make a tax-deductible donation or accept a credit, you may request a refund. Please email to let us know which transaction you prefer.

The FPAC community wishes you the best as we await the opportunity to gather together again to celebrate the arts.

Raye Lynn Mercer, Executive Director

Franklin Performing Arts Company