FPAC Open Auditions for Matilda


The Franklin Performing Arts Company (FPAC) is excited to announce an open call for their upcoming production of Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical! Featuring new choreography by original Broadway cast member Clay Thomson!

VOCAL AUDITION: Thursday, September 5
5:00 pm Ages 9-11
6:00 pm Ages 12-13
7:00 pm Ages 14-18
8:00 pm Adults

Please prepare 16 bars in the style of the show. *Please do not sing from the show.*
We may invite from the Thursday Vocal Audition to attend a Callback or Invited Dance Call on Saturday, September 7 at 2:00 pm.
Auditions will be held at THE BLACK BOX (15. W. Central St, Franklin, MA)
Production Dates: October 18-20 and 25-27 at THE BLACK BOX.



Matilda Wormwood: An imaginative girl who is clever and wise far beyond her years. She has a thirst for learning that cannot be quenched. Age: 6 to 10. Vocal Range A3-D5.

Miss Agatha Trunchbull: *Role has been cast* The tyrannical headmistress at Matilda's school who despises children. Gender: Any. Age: 35 to 55. Vocal Range: A2-G4. *Role has been cast.*

Miss Honey: Matilda's kindhearted teacher. She is tired of living in fear under Miss Trunchbull. Age: early to mid twenties. Vocal Range: F3-D5.

Mr. Wormwood: *Role has been cast* Matilda's uncaring father. A slimy, greedy used-car salesman. Age: 35-45. Vocal range: D3-A4.

Mrs. Wormwood: Matilda's self-absorbed, negligent mother and an amateur ballroom dancer. Age: 35 to 45. Vocal Range: A3-F5.

Michael Wormwood: Matilda's older brother. He is not very bright and favored by their parents. Age: to play a teenager.

Bruce: Matilda's classmate. He is subject to extreme punishment by Miss Trunchbull. Age: 7 to 14. Treble voice. Vocal Range: C4-E5.

Lavender: Matilda's classmate and friend. Age: 7 to 10.

Mrs. Phelps: A nice librarian.  Age: 25 to 45.

The Escapologist: A character in a story Matilda tells to Mrs. Phelps who comes to life in their imagination. Vocal Range: C3-E4.

The Acrobat: A character in a story Matilda tells to Mrs. Phelps who comes to life in their imagination. Vocal Range: D4-A4.

Rudolpho: *Role has been cast* Mrs. Wormwood's ballroom dance partner. Vocal Range: D#3-A4.

Doctor: Mrs. Wormwood's Doctor when she goes into labor with Matilda. Gender: Male. Vocal Range: C3-A4.

Children’s Entertainer: A party entertainer at the start of the show. Gender: Male. Vocal Range: F#3-Eb4‚Äč

Ensemble: Adults, teens, and children.


15 West Central Street
Franklin MA 02038
United States