Annual Circle Members

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The Asgeirssons
Ed and Wendy Jones
Bill and Maria Weiss

Dave and Pam Porter
Mary Gaylord McClean
Marilyn Sutcliffe

The Curley Family
Roger and Roberta Trahan

The Berry Family
The Breslin Family
Ed and Jeanne Doherty
Dave and Gina Fajardo
Phil and Sarah Fox
Joanne Hadley
​Don and Karen Hill
The Packard Family
Jeffrey and Merrie Whitney 

Auerr, Zajac & Associates, LLP
The Barney Family
William and Lisa Buccella
The DeAngelis Family
The Dichiara Family
Donnie and Christine DiMartino
The Leach Family
The LeClair Family
Barry Madden and Virginia Donnelly
The McDermott Family 
Raye Lynn Mercer and Bob Funkhouser
Tom and Jo-Ann Mercer
Jim and Holly Nee
Phil Norment and Maureen Shiels
Norfolk Power Equipment
Kristen Phelps and Bob Fitzgerald 
The Roth Family
Jeffrey and Maureen Roy
George W. Smith
Trish Vanaria
The Willey Family
Christine Wilkins and Alison Billings
Kristin and Tony Wilkins
The Wirkus Family
Peter and Jeanne Wyner

Nancy Collette
Ellen Smith Cron
The Decrescenzo Family
The DeMarino Family 
Margaret and Greg DiMarzio
Jim and Jody Derick
Laura and Steve Dombroski
The Eastman Family
The Foellmer Family
Franklin Veterinary Clinic
Stephanie Goldman
Ken and Melinda Kimball 
Raymond and Amy Lambert
Roger and Roberta Lariviere 
Bob and Ronda Matson
Steve and Holly McAlpine
The McGillis Family
Jack Nee
The Nuckolls Family
John and Patty O’Donnell 
Cindy and Scott Orr
Stephan and Susan Semerjian
Joy Thompson-Ball
John and Tracey Trombert
The Vaccarezza Family
Catherine Weiss
The Baratta Family
The Bishop Family
Dave and Meghan Burdett
Joseph Byrnes
Jon and Helen Chalk
Joyce Curtin
The Cartisser Family
Henry Everett Thomas Cron
Madeleine E. Cron
The Danis Family
Robert Derose
Melissa Devine
Michelle Doucette and Deborah Bergstrom
Laney Dragsbaek
John and Sue Evans
The Fainkichen Family
Andrea Hapenney
Justin Hill
The Houlding Family
Charles Iacono
The Joy Family
Mary Kimball
Rich Lambert
Susan Leary
Mary Liscombe
Shelby Magliari
The Martin Family
Wanda Mercer
Mills Coffee Co. 
Audrey Miningham
​Maureen Morrissey 
Leah Newton
Jeff Nutting
Kathleen Novack
The Refford Family
Kimberly Roberts-Schultheis
The Settle Family
Nancy Standring
Anthony and Massimina Vignone
The Westmoreland Family
Nancy Zabe

Victoria Bartlett
Roger Briggs
The Brown Family
Janine Cavanaugh
Thomas Cavanaugh
Harriet Chalk
Millie Chalk
Lauren Cillizza
Dennis Conway
Kimberly Cornwell
Devin Curley
Brodie DeAngelis
Devin DeAngelis
Ralph Dellaratta
Brandon Duchnowski
Leigh Dobbs
Finley Doherty
Dona's Tailoring
Talyn DiMarzio
Bryce Dragsbaek
Jamie Dragsbaek
Lynda Dragsbaek
Waymond Eng
In Honor of Grace Ellis
Frank and Linda Falvey
Anya Fox
Jim and Carol Fox
​Will Fox
​Brenda Flynn
Franklin Honey Company
Ali Funkhouser
Sabrina Gaul
Michele Hoben
Aubrey Houlding
Hayden Houlding
William Howard
Jocelyn Jones
Robert Keras
Julia Kimball
Laura Kimball 
Laura and Ryan Kloos
Frederick Kreuzinger
Elizabeth Kripp
Madison Leach 
Sydney Leach
Rabia LeClerc
Carol Lerch
Nancy Lienard
Randolf Lim
​Phyllis Malcolm
Paul Manson
Jenn Markham
Drake McAlpine
Tatiana McAlpine
Danielle McCullough
Jenna McDermott
Judith Mulkern
Mairead Nee
Amy Nicholson
Pauline O'Meara
Paityn Orr
David and Lisa Oxford
Richard Palanzi
Bella Pelaggi
Mark Poniatowski
Rick Power
Michael Rawan
Patricia Roberts-Chicklis
Rachel Rome
Julie Rooney
Kevin and Suzanne Sayward
Steve Schairer
Sara Sheiber
Thomas Secondo
Audrey Sendrowski
Audrey Seyffert
Frank Simone
Holly Stevenson
Jane Taylor
Nick Teensma
James Thurston
Nanci Thurston
Abby Trombert
Franklin Tucceri
Danny Vaccarezza
​Meredith Walker
Rory Walker
Daniel Weidman
Johanna Whitney
Theresa Wickstrom
Susauna Wickstrom
Kenneth Wilcox
Caroline Wilkins 
Griffin Wilkins
Angelina Willey
Madigan and Michael Wirkus