'Tis the Season! Cast Information

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Backstage Volunteers!

Contact Kim at if you are able to help supervise performers backstage during 'Tis performance(s) - and have not signed up already. 

These productions are not possible without supervision volunteers.  Thank you!



Please visit this link to help provide food/drink for our fabulous 'Tis orchestra during Production Week. Thank you!


Production Week Memo PLEASE READ 

Electric Youth will be selling concession (candy, snacks, water) in the FHS lobby on Thursday (12/15) and pizza, candy, snacks and water in the cafeteria Friday-Sunday. 


Sunday, December 18




Show Order and Scene Breakdown

OPENING – ‘Tis The Season!


            Most Wonderful Time

            Jingle Bells


            Sleigh Ride


            We Are Santa’s Elves

            Christmas Cheer (Toys)

            Sparkle Jolly

            Run Run Rudolph

Bad Guys Scene



            Heat Miser

            I Really Don’t Hate Christmas


            We Need a Little Christmas

            2 Front Teeth/Chipmunks

            Don’t be a Jerk

            A Hand for Mrs. Claus     

            Christmas Song

            Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)

Christmas is Starting Now
            Counting Down to Christmas (Young Teens)

            All I Want For Christmas

            That Time of Year (Youth)

            Christmas Is Startin’ Now (Tap)


            Let There Be Peace on Earth




JERK Casting

Julian/Aida/Hailey H/Audrey/Anya/Macie/Elena/Dev C/Mason


TIS Opening

Hailey H/Julian/Aida/Tati/Mason/John/Finley/Tzintli/Elena/Ali/Alan/Nick/Kellie



Updated Casting

Production Requirements

Costuming Info

Cast List
Abstoss Addie - Teens
Abstoss Tillie - Youth
Baker Elena - Teens
Belger Erin - Teens, Elf
Berthelette Haley - Youth
Bodiya Kylie - Adult
Bodiya Edna - Toy
Calnan Megan - Young Teens
Cerda Tzintli - Teens, Elf
Charles Christopher - Youth
Charles Owen - Youth
Cohen Eiva - Youth
Connors Hannah - Teens, Elf
Corkran Ani - Youth
Cox Elenor - Toy
Curley Devin - Teens, Elf
Cusano Anna - Teen Ensemble Dancer
Dahlheimer Amelia - Young Teens
Daniel Carla - Youth
DeAngelis Devin - Teens, Elf
DeAngelis Brodie - Young Teens
DiChiara Julian - Young Teens
DiChiara Aida - Young Teens
DiMatteo Jason - Teens
Doherty Finley - Teens, Elf
Eastman Emmett - Teens, Elf
Eastman Phoebe - Teens, Elf
Eastman Ameline - Young Teens
Ebbeling Dora - Teens, Elf
Fabiano Emily - Youth
Fabiano Lucy - Youth
Fitzhenry John - Teens, Elf
Foley Lucy - Toy
Fox Anya - Teens, Elf
Frigon Kim - Adult
Girouard Arabella - Youth
Gomes Ryan - Toy
Green Gidget - Youth
Gubka Flora - Toy
Gubka Gerogia - Toy
Hall Lindsey - Teens
Hartman Lindsay - Adult
Hartman Lila - Young Teens
Henderson Halley - Youth
Hirshfield Julian - Toy
Hoben Macie - Teens, Elf
Hoben Kayla - Young Teens
Hulbig Hailey - Youth
Jackson Maggie - Youth
Keimig Maura - Young Teens
Kireyev Alisa - Youth
Labedz Zofia - Youth
Lacana Macy - Youth
Leach Madison - Teens, Elf
LeBlanc Katherine - Young Teens
Linde Anna - Teens, Elf
MacEvoy Hope - Youth
Magliari Kira - Teens, Elf
McAlpine Holly - Adult
McAlpine Tatiana - Teens, Elf
Mercer Alan - Adult
Michenzie Emily - Young Teens
Miningham Audrey - Teens, Elf
Morin Haliey - Teens, Elf
Newton Madelyn - Young Teens
Nolan-Hayun Liam - Young Teens
O'Connell Charley - Youth
Packard Shane - Teens
Packard Matthew - Young Teens
Pahari Suri - Youth
Palson Polly - Toy
Paone Nick - Adult
Pecci Gia - Youth
Peckham Everly - Toy
Peckham Vanessa - Toy
Pepin Ashley - Teens, Elf
Pereira Isabella - Youth
Pflomm Leah - Youth
Rafter Evyn - Youth
Sadler Rosie - Toy
Sanford Mason - Teens, Elf
Santos Julia - Young Teens
Schlieman Savannah - Youth
Schmelzer Katie - Adult
Settle Kate - Young Teens
Stamp Kellie - Adult
Todkari Myra - Young Teens
Tomas Lindsay - Adult
Traugott Lyla - Toy
Trombert Abby - Teens, Elf
Tucceri Harper - Teens
Tucker Robin - Adult
Tucker Zoey - Youth
Uzgur Lilya - Toy
Vaughn Genevieve - Youth
Volpicelli Lucia - Youth
Waitt Mackenzie - Toy
Webster Michele - Adult
Whitney Johanna - Teens, Elf
Willey Angelina - Young Teens
Wirkus Madigan - Teens, Elf
Wirkus Michael - Young Teens