Future Shock Cast Information

Welcome to Future Shock 2023! 

*Please check this page for any rehearsal schedule updates!

Please wear dance apparel and dance shoes or sneakers for rehearsals. 

Cast List

Berthelette Haley
Charles Owen
Charles Christopher
Cohen Eiva
Corkran Ani
Fabiano Emily
Fabiano Lucy
Freedman Maggie
Frigon Baree
Fuller Ruby-Louise
Green Gidget
Gubka Georgia
Gubka Flora
Henderson Halley
Hulbig Hailey
Jackson Maggie
Kireyev Alisa
Labedz Zofia
Lacana Macy
Lelievre Colette
MacEvoy Hope
Pahari Suri
Pecci Gia
Pereira Isabella
Rafter Evyn
Sadler Rosie
Tucker Zoey
Vaughn Genevieve
Volpicelli Lucia